The Psychotherapy and Coaching Journeys

Each of us is skillful at getting in our own way.  Maybe it’s a promotion at work or a career move we don’t pursue, or a creative project we keep putting off or an unsatisfying relationship we feel helpless to change or release ourselves from. 

Many of us experience a chronic dissatisfaction, perhaps a sense of not using one’s talents and abilities more fully and not fulfilling one’s promise or nursing a secret ambition that remains hidden far below the surface of our lives.  Frequently, this occurs without any clear understanding of the choices we make. 

There is no one simple or obvious reason why we hold ourselves back.  But whatever the reason, self-imposed obstacles get expressed as powerful beliefs and assumptions we harbor about ourselves, our relationship with others and the world around us.  These underlying beliefs shape the contours of our lives.  From decisions that define career goals and ambitions, to whom we choose as friends and intimate partners.  From the many choices we make about leisure time activities, to how we arrange our living spaces or where we live.

However, our underlying beliefs and assumptions remain mostly, if not completely, out of conscious awareness.   And as we go through life oblivious to them, they remain unchallenged. So we wrestle with ourselves in utter darkness.  No wonder many of us believe the life we want is beyond our grasp. 

By identifying and challenging our self-limiting beliefs and assumptions, the psychotherapy and coaching journeys enable us to transform the nature of the conversation we have with ourselves so we can make more satisfying choices in our lives.

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